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Our Story

Osteria Fasulo's mission is to consistently provide the highest quality of Italian food and service to our guests.

We strive to keep our guests always interested so we've created a place where meals become memories.


Our top priority will always be our guests — who should always expect exceptional food, outstanding service and always a warm welcome from the Fasulos.

Our other top priority is our amazing staff.
When staff join our restaurant, they join our family — the Fasulo family. They become part of our home.

What's an "Osteria"?

An Osteria (pronounced 'oss - teh - REE - yah') is a family run restaurant frequented by locals which offers contemporary and classic Italian cuisine in an intimate atmosphere.


What does "Cibo Italiano" mean?

Cibo (pronounced 'CHEE-boe') means food. Therefore, Cibo Italiano means Italian food.

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